01 April 2016

Blogging (and Crafting) Challenge

I am going to jump into Ramble Ramble's April blogging challenge with a post here.  I promised to keep better track of my crafting this year and have totally failed to open on that one! So, with no further delay, here are some recent knitting projects:

This is my Cupcake Tea Cozy.  My MIL got me a beautiful teapot, with matching sugar bowl and milk jug, in yellow! A new teapot surely called for a new tea-cozy.  A simple knit, with some brown 2x2 rib to make the "cake, then alternating bands of stockinette and reverse-stockinette to make some "frosting."  Add a "cherry" pom-pom and voila!  Your teapot looks like a giant cupcake.   All the project details are in my Ravelry Projects Section if you want to see the pattern I used as a rough guide.

I have a few more completed projects in there to share with you this month and I am about to cast on a shawl about which I am super excited!

Happy Knitting!