03 February 2016

And We Are Back!

It has been actual years since I posted here, which is silly since I have been knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting away....just not posting it all the way I used to.  2016 is going to be the year of record keeping.  I am going to track the books I read (more detailed lists/links at TheWellReadMom), and the projects I do, both here and on Ravelry.

I started with getting all my yarn loaded in to the Ravelry stash organizer.  This was a great opportunity to see it all, sort it all out (several bags went to my library knitting group for new homes) and get inspired by all the great stuff that is there. All the yarn porn is right here.

I am also using the Ravely project section to track what I work on.  That seems to be a good system in that getting the photos and info ready for Ravelry means I also have the photos and info ready for this blog!

I have some projects to post, knitting and otherwise, plus some new tutorials I want to post and some great resources to share. Check back in and I promise to be around a bit more!