13 May 2014


Having learned to do the short-row technique, it is now like a sock factory up in here. This pair of socks is for Liz and is made of the leftovers from a hat that my sister had knit for her as a baby. These were my first fully short-rowed project. Using a provisional cast-on I loaded up half the stitches, worked a short-row toe, picked the provisional stitches back up then worked in the round until the short-row heel. Once the heel was worked I just knit until I ran out of yarn. I am liking my new toe-up method since I can just split the ball of yarn (by weight generally) into two smaller balls and then make a sock out of each one by knitting until I run out or it looks long enough, whichever comes first. I get two socks that are amazingly matching and never have to guess/worry about when to stop the first sock. It is knitting magic!