11 May 2014

Short-Row Heels

Mastering the short row heel has long been a goal of mine. While I can do flap/gusset heels just fine, with no pattern, I had a feeling this would still be a useful skill to learn. Emboldend by the support of my new knitting group and this amazing video I figured it out. This method uses no wrapping (which was always where I failed in previous attempts) and is so easy to do I now wonder why it took me so long to tackle this technique.

This was my first go where I just tried to do the heel sans all the attached sock to understand the geometry of the deal.


This is my first pair of toe-up, short-row-heeled socks. I have since learned how to do a provisional cast-on, hence I can do short row heels and toes. This makes knitting socks super-fast, super-easy and I can do the entirety of the project on my little circular sock needles.