14 May 2014


Part of sorting out all the crafting supplies that had been unceremoniously stuffed into my dining room hutch was the discovery that I owned a lot of fat-quarters and half yards of fabric that I no longer loved. It was all beautiful stuff, probably meant for some lovely project, but now it was all just siting there definitively not inspiring me. The answer then became obvious: napkins. A roughly fat-quarter sized bit of fabric will make a perfect 18 inch x 18 inch square that becomes a generously sized, but not unmanageable for little hands, napkin once the edges are hemmed up. I did some quickie mitered corners, but did not double fold the hems, just pinked the edges since these are for every-day, rough and tumble use. The whole project took maybe an hour and now I have 12 new cloth napkins. This helps the planet a little and empties out that guilt-inducing fabric stash in one easy project.