07 March 2014

Leg Warmers

As part of my determination to knit down the stash, I have finally cracked into some yarn that I had been reluctant to use. This is a major problem for me, and probably lots of yarn aficionados: I tend to set up yarn as "sacred" in my head. I get skeins of yarn that are special (well, they are all special), maybe because they were a gift, or they are one of a kind, or whatever. Next thing you know, I have a cabinet of gorgeous yarn that I feel paralyzed to use.

Well, no longer shall I live under the tyranny of yarn fetishization!

This particular skein was a gift from my sister, also an avid knitter. It is by Fresh From the Cauldron and was called Raspberry Spumoni. I have held onto it for the better part of five years. Now it no longer sits in my cabinet, but rests on the legs of my kids via these adorable, lacey, leg-warmers.


The girls love them, I thoroughly enjoyed making them and using the yarn for its intended purpose. I have since cracked open some other skeins and have made some really nice things that I adore. 2014 is going to be a good year for knitting and crocheting.