07 November 2013

Doll Bedding

My ILs sent Liz this adorable doll bed for her birthday. The bed itself is lovely, easy to assemble and very sturdy. (If you need one click here.) The bed came with some mattresses, which you can see in the first picture. They are certainly cute, but this crafty momma was not content to leave them be.


Using some fabrics that I don't love, but the girls did when they picked them out for skirts that never got made, I sewed up new covers for the mattresses. Already the beds are looking much cuter.


I added little pillows in matching fabric and made quilt/blanket toppers. The toppers are a total cheat project since all I did was sew the fabric to some coordinating felt, right sides out, then did the edges with my pinking shears. This is not heirloom quality stuff, but it is cute, durable and perfect for kids this age.


The final product is pretty pleasing if I do say so myself.