15 May 2013

What's On The Needles Wednesday

Since I clearly need something to keep me accountable on project postings, I am instituting "What's On The Needle's Wednesday."  Weekly I will post what I current have "on the needles" so as to keep a journal of the projects and to help track my progress on each one.  This will hopefully also curb my tendency to have like 10 projects going at once while not really working on any of them.

This week I am working on a toe-up sock.  I can't remember what the yarn is (something sock obviously), but the tiny little circular needles will be getting a post of their own really soon.

I am also working on a hat for Lizzie.  This is Knit Picks Imagination in Over the Rainbow.  While I love how this is working up, I am quickly realizing that doing a hat for my large-headed child in fingering yarn on size 3 needles was kind of a poor idea.  Good thing I am starting now, I have some time before it is hat weather again.  Especially good since big sister Charlie wants one too in the Unicorn colorway.  Knit! Faster!