29 May 2013

SpongeBob Bathroom

Currently we only have one full bath in this house so until we put the second one in (area is all set to go, literally all we need to do is drop in sink/toilet/shower/bath, lay tile and hang drywall) we are all sharing this SpongeBob bathroom.  I had these in the other house as well, so these have really saved me a ton in decorating two bathrooms.  A simple valance for the window and a wide valance for the shower.  Personally I hate heavy dark shower curtains, so I like the little valance and a clear shower curtain below.  Makes the area look finished, but no soggy curtains and when you can get the clear liners at the dollar store, you can just change it out when it gets yucky. The wall decals were also a dollar store find, add some Target bathmats in the right blue and tah-dah fun bathroom decor that I will not feel bad about ditching if/when the girls outgrow this theme.