27 May 2013

Kitchen Curtains

Since moving into the new place, I have been making a ton of curtains.  This is one place where being crafty really can save you a ton of cash.  As you have probably noticed,  curtains are amazingly expensive given that they are usually no more than hemmed rectangles.  Now, some things I won't sew: sheers and anything lined with that blackout material.  Between Christmas Tree Shops for sheers and Target for blackout curtains, you actually can't beat the prices by making them yourself.  however, for things like shower curtains, kitchen/bathroom valances and anything decorative, get thee to your local fabric store.

For the kitchen, I went with this adorable lemon print from my local remnant store.  The pattern picks up the green from the chair-rail we put in and pulls in the yellow from my stand-mixer and the deck/doors that recently had a daffodil inspired overhaul.  Two valances and one long door curtain.

Over the sink.  I am torn between leaving it like this and hanging it between the cabinets (vs. the window frame) to try and change the look of the space.

Fixed the problem of constantly having to clean hand-prints off the glass by making a full length curtain.  Two tension rods keep it in place.

One for the window in what we call "the dining room."