31 May 2013

Bathroom/Laundry Closet Make-Over

Our downstairs bathroom doubles as our laundry room and had louvered doors on the washer/dryer cabinet when me moved in.  I hate louvered door so much!  Needless to say they had to go, but I did not want to sacrifice the awesome over the appliances storage space or have all my cleaning crap on display full-time.  The answer? A valance to hide the junk.  I made a curtain that hange over the shelf and then a matching valance for the window.  This is actually Valentine's day fabric, but it has a great color scheme given the wallpaper in there and have a vintage, could be steam-punk if we go that way, feel.  All the "art" in the room is just framed scrapbook paper in the right colors/patterns with the exception of the paint-chip heart piece.  That happened more or less by accident when we had a million hearts left-over after our Valentine's day paint chip bookmark project for Charlie's school.  Lovey-dovey bathroom/laundry room and the only thing I had to purchase was the fabric.

This is just a random everyday picture, but you can see how if the need should arise, the curtained shelf can contain all the detritus of my cleaning supplies.