01 March 2012

Empower Women in Africa Project

My mom tipped me off to the Empower Women in Africa cloth pad project.  There are many ways to donate and I joined up by making 5 "kits" all ready to go.  The pattern they have posted is super easy to make and can use flannel very efficiently.  To make 15 bases and 45 liners I used a total of 5 yards of flannel.  Just for estimates, a single yard will make 20 large squares for bases, 10 bases w/ pockets or 5 bases w/ pockets and 10 small rectangles for bases.   A fat quarter will make two appropriately sized drawstring bags.  I used velcro on mine or, if desired, you can send them without closures and the organization will apply the snaps.  Mine will be in the mail as soon as I grab a pack of unders to add.