27 February 2012

Yoga Mat Bags

The girls now take a weekly Yoga class and they* needed a way to carry their cute pink mats.

I whipped these up pretty quickly.  Really all you need is a rectangle as wide as your bag is around and as long as your bag is tall plus a couple inches for seam and the casing.  Cut a circle a bit bigger that the size of your rolled up mat and sew them all together.   Add in some ribbon, tape or webbing for a strap (catch it in the seam when you sew up the big tube and viola! Yoga Mat Bag.  I added the bases for contrast, but they are not really required for use. I also put two straps on so the bags can be worn, over the shoulder or cross body like most bag or used back-pack style, which is easiest for the little ones.

*By "they" I of course mean "me, I wanted a way to carry all this stuff."