02 May 2011

Making Real Clothes

I recently ordered Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy and I am loving it!  I am not usually a pattern person, but these are wonderful and well worth the investment.  I like the book because the patterns are clear, easy to use and very intuitive.  While you could make these yourself, this way all the math is done for you and you are not left guessing about angles and measurements.  My only warnings about the book are that you will have to make your own working patterns since all 25 are overlaid on only two sheets of paper and it pays to be clever about how you draft the patterns.   All the patterns are drawn with a labeled fold line under the premise that you will place that on the fold in your fabric and cut away.  Of course, this means that each pattern calls for a ton of yardage and there would be tons of scrap.  If you just take the time to draw out the "mirror" images then you can cut the pieces as they fit best and I have yet to make an item that took more than a yard of fabric.  Basically, if you are willing to take 3 minutes when doing the patterns then you will not fail!

So far I have made:
Hideous PJ pants for Cha Cha.  The fabric was her choice, now if only she would wear them!

This adorable top.  I added the ruffles on the bottom.  This one fits either of the kids.

Sundress for Bitz.  I am going to replace the straps with ribbon, but the basic premise is perfect. 

Love them all and have plans to make another dress for Cha Cha and about a million of the little shirts.  Also on the list is sun hats, cargo capris and tons of little corduroy skirts for the fall. 


Alicen said...

Very jealous right now!! I really love that top, it is the cutest thing EVER!

Now I have a bit of motivation to make my dress, skirts and Emma's dresses. Now if I only had the time...