03 February 2011


I finally finished up dyeing all my yarn blanks.  I used some Wilton's Food Dye, some regular food coloring and some Kool-Aid.  These are all the skeins:

I tried to use black food coloring to get black in the mix, but it "split" whenever I added the water.  However it made some beautiful colors none the less.


Alicen said...

Those are gorgeous!!

I wonder if using the black gel dye would work (or maybe that's what you used), I'm guessing probably not though. We always did that little experiment in school with the black marker and coffee filter to see what colors split out, I guess this is the same concept.

Alexis said...

I used the gel for coloring icing, but I am thinking that for black I may need a true fabric dye. (RIT maybe?) I could, of course, cough it up for actual dye designed for fibers like this, but it seems unsporting! I figure when I knit these into something I will buy some more blanks and try new stuff.