07 January 2011

Christmas Crafts- Round III

Some gifties I made for my friends:

Project bag with notions pouch for Alicen at Sticks and Stitches.  I am quite enamored with the process of decorating pre-made bags with totally fabulous fabrics.  I can see the embellishment habit becoming an issue...

This is a cute set of lunch-bag sized cloth napkins for my girlfriend in NC.  She has a glamorous sales job with Lenovo and now she can have a glamorous lunch too.

Lastly, this bracelet was made from a kit I found at out local bead shop: You Gotta Be Beading.  I added some initial beads to customize it for my Mum  ("C" and "E" for the granddaughters) and dressed it up with some extra beads that struck my fancy. I am glad I did the kit, not because making bracelets is that hard, but because it introduced me to some findings I had not worked with before. I am now a huge fam of crimping tubes...that is all.