06 January 2011

Christmas Crafts- Round II

Vintage inspired aprons were the next item in production.  These are also super easy, and fun to make. (Ruffles! I love ruffles!)  Many of these were made with fabrics from my Fabric.com 3lb Remnant Bags.  I enjoyed this task because it was kind of a "challenge" to use existing fabrics with a "random" selection to choose sets that worked for different people.  Many of these were fabrics that I would not have even considered had I seen them on the bolt in the store, but when they were placed in stash, magic happened and great aprons were produced.  I am thinking I should run a "Random Fabric Challenge" here at some time this year...

Anyway, here be the aprons:

For Alicen of Sticks and Stitches:

For my baby sister who loves cupcakes and all things retro:

For my SIL who loves a good vintage inspired treat:

For my littlest sister in honor of her silly black cat.  The cat patches that became the pockets have been in my stash forever, desperately begging me to make them into something for Draco and his mommy.  This holiday, they got their big break!

Lastly this is a reversible lab apron I made for my BFF Amanda who has the honor of teaching Chemistry to music and arts students here in CT.  I love this one so much!


Alicen said...

Love my apron! I can see how you would have never considered those patterns but they did come out great.

You've inspired me to finally get on the ball about making a full apron! I've wanted one since the dawn of time but it never seems to get made. Thanks again!

Alexis said...


Easy way to make a full apron out of one yard of fabric, I would make mine doubled since i find that easier than doing all the hemming, but anyway. I used this one as the basis for the lab apron with some mods to make it the style she desired.

Apron Pattern