05 January 2011

Christmas Crafts- Round I

Some of my gifts were these knit bags. Made of Lily Sugar and Cream cotton and based on the pattern The Everlasting Bagstopper, they were a big hit.

Barn colors for my Little Sister.
Pink for my other Little Sister...this one is lunchbox/project bag sized.
Red one for my Mum, to match her sweet coat and other project bag.
I also made a purple and green one for my SIL in WA, but I seem to have not photographed that one...

I love them all and I will be making some more, they are so easy and once you get to the "netting" bit, they go so fast.


Alicen said...

My, my you have been doing lots of knitting!

I LOVE the red one for your mum!! The others are great but the red on is fabulous. What pattern did you use? In case I ever get bit by the knitting bug again.

Alexis said...

The pattern is on Ravelry/Knitty.com as The Everlasting Bagstopper. I just used the idea so basically it is cast on as many stitches as you want the bag to be wide, knit in garter until it is a s deep as you want it, pick up the stitches from the three remaining sides (now you are in the round), knit a bit for the base, switch to one row YO,K2T alternated with a knit row, knit a stockinette top and cast off.
Easy peasy.

Alicen said...

Yeah, really can't get much easier than that!