19 October 2010

Cloth Napkins

Inspired (as always) by Alicen at Sticks & Stitches I decided to make cloth napkins for the house.  These are pretty small, maybe 10 inches x 10 inches, so they fit in my napkin holder and are perfect for daily use.  I did mine a cheater way by just cutting the squares, ironing in 1/4 inch hems and zig-zagging them down.  I found that if I run along the hem catching the raw edge in the stitch they wash and wear just fine for around the house.  I made 16 in total, which seems to be enough if you just keep tossing them in every time you do a load of laundry, though I am planning on making a bunch more because they are so fun.  I think we may go totally European and get some sweet napkin rings...bet we can make those too.

A close-up of how I did the edging:


Heidi Maxwell said...

These are really pretty! I have a big stack on my sewing table right now. I had a big pile white washcloths that I backed with 60% off plus 40% off coupon flannel from JAs. Of course, they are waiting in a long long line.