22 July 2010

Uninteresting…Yet Brilliant

The whole crazy story goes like this: Read this article on baby gear that is stupid, found this time-out mat that tons of people think is the awesome (and are thus, weeping from said awesome). That search led me to this, which is the same idea, only this one is portable so you can execute an effective time-out anywhere you go. I was seriously considering getting one (I know, it is an illness) when I realized: "oh wait, I have the skills required to make something that would do the trick." So now I present to you, Portable Time Out Mats. Basically two fat quarters, sew right sides together, turn right sides out, press and topstitch. I made two, one for the house and one to keep in my bag. So easy, so obvious, so clearly the smartest thing ever! 


Alicen said...

And a lot more inconspicuous than the one on Amazon. Great concept but I don't think you need it to scream "my kid is being naughty" quite so loudly in public. Besides your version is so much cheaper and super easy!

Oh, I especially liked the Tinkle Tube and the Placenta Teddy Bear. Who think of these things!!!

Alexis said...

OMG! I am severely traumatized by the placenta teddy bear. I confess I checked it out both times with morbid fascination, but nothing about the experience inspired a sewing project!