25 July 2010

Sewing For Kids

Cha Cha has a most sacred lovie: Yertle the Turtle. He is used in place of a baby doll with all her play baby gear and he needed some new diapers. I drew a quick pattern off a diaper that I knew kind of fit him then drew in the needed alterations. Add in some scrap baby fabric, a bit of Velcro and a touch of elastic: Tah Dah! Yertle diaper. I also made some wipes by just cutting squares of the same fabric and zig-zagging the edges. These are stored in an up-cycled plastic container with a hole cut in the lid so they can be pulled out one by one, just like the real thing. So cute!


Alicen said...

Very cute, I really like the wipes idea! I made a handful of diapers for baby about a year ago but no wipes.