27 July 2010


I finally finished the piecework for a quilt that has been in the works for more than three years now.  The blocks are pieced using a variation the the Stack The Deck method, but you know, using an actual understanding of geometry and how quilts are made.  Heidi at The Maxwell's Craft Room does a good job of explaining the process here.  In a nutshell you stack up your fabrics and through a series of single cuts, sewing straight lines and shuffling the fabrics you create a complicated looking piece with ease. This is pretty much the only way I make quilts now ever since my Mom and I worked out the formula five years ago with some Halloween fabric bundles.   I am forming the whole quilt with 20 solid squares, 40 squares that are "four patch" (two permutations of the method) and 40 squares that are "six patch" (three permutations of the method.) I made all the squares using random sets of quartered fat quarters so each finished "mini quilt" is 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches.  I still need to lay them out, sew up the tops and do borders and backing, but I am not sure yet if it will be one big quilt for my bed or two little quilts for my girls.