12 July 2010

Produce Bags

I have been looking for some re-usable produce bags for a while.  I liked many out there, but some seemed a bit too big and a bit too "process oriented" involving certain ones for storing certain produce what not.  The ones I liked best were these: Flip and Tumble Produce Bags.  The only hitch was that I figured I would want quite a few so there could be some for storage, some in the wash and some in the shopping bags in the car/stroller.  This meant a decently sized investment in bags, and well, I want to be green, but I am also not sure that I need $30 worth of bags just to lug some tomatoes around.  Thankfully, I have the mad crafty skills to make my own.

I used nylon netting ($.65 a yard at Fabric.com), made basic drawstring bags and used some scrap acrylic yarn to make cords of chains of single crochet.  Tah-dah.  I bought 4 yards of netting and made 12 bags.  I found that cutting the netting (doubled for strength) into rectangles 12inches wide and 32 inches long allowed me to fold over simple casing tops for the drawstrings and then sew up the sides to make bags that are roughly 12x12 when finished.   So, for $2.60 "out of pocket" since the cords were scrap and thread/labor is "free" I have a dozen produce bags ready to go.

I am also hypothesizing that these will be great since I can take them to the store, store the produce right in them in the fridge, wash the loose produce in the bags like a built in colander, then hang them to dry/run them through with the next load of wash and be all set to go.  I will let you all know how it goes.


Alicen said...

You may possibly be a genius...I want some!!!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Yep. Love my reusable produce bags. And actually have a similar project on my miles long list to add to my stash.

I'm really looking for the perfect material to make 'bulk item' bags. Something light, yet not breathable so things don't fall/leak out (like rice, flour, quinoa) or get stale (like trail mix and sesame sticks).

First things first - re-stash those diapers!! I finally got my pattern and I'm going to start by felting some old sweaters and washing up some old tshirts and flannel sheets tomorrow.

Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

So a quick question on these. Did you just use a regular straight stitch? I'm guessing yes but it looks a bit different, probably from the mesh. I bought some blue and purple so I can add a bit of color. I've been using the ones you sent me and they are FABULOUS!! Thanks again!