23 July 2010

Fabric Surprise

Last time I placed a Fabric.com order, I got one of their Three Pound Cotton Remnant bags. I figured for the price I would get a handful of good bit and the rest would surely find homes. When it arrives I was amazed. All the pieces are fat quarters or larger so you can really do projects with them and they seem to have made some attempt at keeping sets together. While I got a few yards of random, though nice, fabrics the bulk of it was runs from a line of designs. 

There is definitely all the making of Valentine 's Day projects for the girls and this run of batiks that are just amazing and worth well more than the price of the whole assortment. If you love bargain fabric and are up for a little mystery in your life, order one of these, you will not be disappointed! 


Alicen said...

Thanks for the big heads up! I think for sure I will be ordering one of those when we get back. Also I got the produce bags and are very excited to give them a try!! THANKS again!

Heidi Maxwell said...

I am going there NOW! I have a need.

Heidi Maxwell said...

Aaaand Ordered. Damn that was easy. Thanks for the direct link up. I'm going to need an addition on my home for my stack of to do projects!!!