30 July 2010

Diaper Clutch

Inspired by this tutorial over at Stick and Stitches I decided to upgrade my diaper bags.  I keep a mini-kit of diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer in my car and in the stroller so I always have back-up and so if we are just running out quick I don't need to lug the whole big bag.  Formerly they were in Ziploc bags, but clearly these were a much prettier choice.

I used Alicen's basic method but just made large fabric rectangles instead of her cool leathery one.  I did add a little pocket to the outside for the little bottles of hand sanitizer, chaptick, diaper cream whatever.  I like how these came out, but I am not sure that my decision to change it up was worth the aggrivation.  I love these, but really, if you want to make one, jus stick with Alicen's directions for the same product in a fraction of the time!

One for the car :

One for the diaper bag:

One for the stroller: