13 May 2010

Quick and Easy Craft

These are just a little dose of happy for your day.  Embellished match boxes.  Just get some cheapo matches (mine are $1 for a little pack of ten) and dress them up with scrap craft paper, stickers, stamps, whatever tickles your fancy.  They seem kind of silly, but they are actually pretty fun to do.

They are great for:
  • Brightening up an otherwise dull day.
  • Using up scrap paper that you don't have the heart to throw out.
  • Great additions to gifts of candles or incense.
  • Scenic if you want to leave matches out with candles in guest rooms, bathroom etc.
  • Fun for kids. Pull the matches out of the equation and make little "treasure boxes."
  • Make a great addition to the DIY Decorating Project featured today on The Well-Read Mom.

    All I know is that I spent a lovely hour playing with my fancy papers and stickers to get these.  A much better use of my time than that pesky housework that needs to be done!