04 May 2010

More Scrappy Wallets

Two more of my Scrappy Wallets made and ready to be put in the mail to new homes. I have a new one in the making with a modified design.  I am aiming to make cute "notions wallets" for knitting supplies. (Or crocheting supplies, needle work supplies...pretty much anything really!) The prototype will be part of a prize pack I am making for the Hot Heads Happy Hearts May KAL on Ravelry.  Pictures of that one, in progress, tomorrow.

Also made three more hats for said KAL with a fourth on the needles.

Lastly, I made a great ring sling for when the new baby was born, but she quickly outgrew the size of the scarf I used. Not worry, used a larger shawl/scarf I purchased for a recent wedding to make a bigger one.  Re-used the rings, got two uses out of a $12 scarf...pretty nifty!


Alicen said...

Not sure if I told you before or not but I LOVE those little wallets!! So cute!!

Also the ring sling...very clever using the wedding one. I still use the one you made me on occasion, love the fact that I can throw it in my bag and forget it since it takes up hardly any room. Then when my arms get tired I peek in the bag suddenly remembering it's in there. Makes my day :) Oh and I get compliments on it all the time too.

Alexis said...

Yeah, the ring sling is the best portable carrier. Not as good for long outings as the ergo, but like you said, keep it in the bag and you are never without a hands free option!