03 April 2010

This Could Be A Problem...

I needed some fabric for a few projects I have in mind for upcoming birthdays, and since our fabric stores are all a good 20 minutes away I hit the internet in search of a better, more convenient option. I soon discovered Fabric.com and well, it is my new favorite place in the world!  They have over 500,000 fabrics in stock along with notions, some knitting/crochet stuff, patterns, batting etc.  The selection is great, the prices are quite competitive given that most of it is "designer" fabric (Michael Miller, Amy Butler and so on), plus they have a huge clearance section for 20%-50% off and FREE shipping on orders over $35.  Long story short: I got all this delivered to my house for $36.  It is a total of 6 yards of fabric and a 1200 yard cone of thread...that works out to a mere $5 bucks a yard for fabrics that generally retail for $9.99 a yard.  I could probably do better in store somewhere by using coupons, sales etc., but the convenience factor is worth a lot too.

The real "problem" is that this came in the package.  That's right, a coupon for $5 off your order of $20 or more, so now I am figuring I can get $35 worth of fabric delivered to my door for only $30.  Yeah, this is going to get way out of hand!