06 April 2010


I have actually been doing some sewing.  I currently so into making aprons...after all, an obsession with making vintage inspired aprons is a great use of my time!  They are adorable though.  I made this one using the Bari J. Keeping It Real Apron Tutorial. (Part 1 and Part 2...both in pdf.)  I used the pattern exactly as written except I used the full width of my fabric instead of cutting down the base pieces to size (one 14 inch bit cut from edge to edge of a 42 inch bolt makes two 14 inch x 21 inch bits to be the front and the back) and I put my waistband on differenctly, mostly because I couldn't figure out the directions for that bit...

I also found a million other patterns to try.  Two great lists can be found here and here.

My other projects were scrappy wallets.  There are a million tutorials out there for how to do this, but I just made these using what I figured was the easiest possible method.  I am working on a tutorial, but I am really hoping to get all my patterns and tutorials into pdf form, so it may be a while. In the meantime, check out these little guys.

Last up is my freshly dyed yarn.  This was made with the leftover Easter Egg dye and I love it.  The colors are so bright and springy!


Heidi Maxwell said...

Cute stuff! I went and read that pattern, and while the apron is cute, the pattern is NOT easy to follow! I saved them to my file just in case though. :)

The wallets are cute too. I have a wristlet and handbag in the works for Jim's grandma.

I've done a bit more work on the baby carrier too. I have to close a few holes by hand, topstitch the body, add the waistbelt, and the tie off loops. Not much work, but my hands have been busy with other stuff this week. Photo shoot and eye appointment.

Hope you girls are al feeling good.

Alexis said...

The pattern does seem complicated at first, lots of words to describe easy ideas, but once I read through it, it was pretty easy. Bari puts in a lot of great tips and "what not to do"s, but after you weed through that it gets much more concise...though the advice was helpful since those are exactly the mistakes I am likely to have made!