13 March 2010

Done and Done

I did it.  I crafted and now I am blogging about it.  The tea cozy is done, the sewing is done as well.  I turned some outgrown receiving blankets into two changing pads for the bed that is currently doubling as our changing table and some burp cloths...you can never have too many!

I also managed to add a layer of ruffles to four skirts so now we can get another season of use out of them.  I also whipped up another skirt from two fat quarters, though the waist is too big so that will need a quick tuck, hence bringing our summer skirt total to six.  I reckon some t-shirts and we are good to go!

The yoga socks are also in progress...pictures of them soon.  Now to decide my crafting goals for next weeks since I will have three evenings all to myself as DH travels, yet again, for work.  My new mantra: at least it is not a deployment.


Alicen said...

Thats a great idea for the receiving blankets! You end up using them for such a short time and then pack them up. Way to get another use out of them, I may just have to do that myself! Quick question, whats Cha Cha's waist and length to knee measurement?

Alexis said...

Alicen- I have been meaning to e-mail you back about that! Her waist is 18-19 inches and her wait to knee is 13-14 inches. Hope that helps!

Alicen said...

No worries, figured since I was commenting anyway I'd just throw it in there. I measured Nathan to use as a last resort which would have worked too! Turns out they are similarly sized.