26 March 2010

Cute Knit Set

Hat and Shruggie set.  The hat is Poppy by Justine Turner, you can find it on Ravelry right here.  The cardigan/shrug is Boheme by Allegra Wertmuth, also on Ravelry here. For the sweater I followed the pattern until the body, then just did stockinette with a garter stitch border since I knew I would be embellishing.  As you can see, she is much bigger than I anticipated, so I am planning to add onto the outfit with some ruffles and a new button band.  These were both very easy, and quick, knits that are so adorable and a bit different from the usual baby fare.  Embellishments are just some crochet bits.


Heidi Maxwell said...

love love love!!!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Remember back when we briefly talked about converting onsies to tshirts? Check out what this mama did: