08 March 2010

Craft Plan

This week I will craft...and blog about it!

I did just finish up some crocheted play food for a kids party we have coming up, so there will be pictures of that soon.  This week I have a few goals:

  1. Add a layer of ruffles to my daughters skirts. These skirts still fit in the waist, but have become too short, so another layer should do the trick.
  2. Turn all these outgrown recieving blankets into burp cloths and/or "pads" for changing, lining the crib etc.
  3. Finish the little tea cozy I started for my new little tea pot.
  4. Start some yoga socks since I now try and hit a yoga class twice a week, they would actually come in handy. Rumor has it they wouls also be good for my Wii Fit.

Lets just hope it all works out, and by that I mean the house magically learns to keep itself, my children magically become wholly independent and the kids actually decide to take some naps...keep your fingers crossed.


Alicen said...

Good to hear, I hope it goes as planned! I hope to get something done by the end of the week but we shall see. Anyway I know how you love tawashi's and you like to use them. I came across this adorable apple one and thought you may be interested (I also know your fruit thing). Here's the link in case you want to whip one up, they are simply adorable!