14 February 2010

Recent Projects

I made up leg warmers with the socks I mentioned in my previous post.  I just hammered them out factory style and all together it really only too about half an hour to cut them, line them up and sew them. Not a bad investment of time for 5 pairs of leg warmers.

This sock, soon to be socks when I get off my butt and cast on the second one, is made with my most recent batch of hand-dyed yarn.  I did this with food coloring on KnitPicks Bare Worsted Weight Wool. I have pictures of, and directions for, the dyeing process so I will work that up soon...  I made this yarn with a nice long repeat since it was initially destined to be a hat with a stained glass effect, but when knit as socks, it made perfect stripes. I did the cuffs, heels and toes in a coordinating royal that was in my Christmas stocking and I really like the look. This way I will also have enough left over to make coordinating fingerless mitts, or somethin... Love it!

This other pair of socks, also on the needles, is made with some Jawoll sock yarn designed by Kaffe Fasset.  So pretty!  Right now I am getting to the point where I wear mostly hand knit socks.  I know it it such a cliche, but I love how they look and feel with my Crocs or my Birkies. 


Heidi Maxwell said...

LOVE those legwarmers!! If I get my car back tomorrow, I'm going to hit up our Target and see what they have.

And this post reminds me that I still have my very first ever sock still on the needles. It's been sitting for almost two years now. I think it may be time to give it a go again. I'll call you in a panic when it's time to turn the heel, m'kay?

The ever omniscient Blogger is telling me "alsitt". Which must mean I need to sit all week and craft craft craft!!! LOL.

Loves and hugs from Montana

Alicen said...

I love those socks!! I have had the itch to make some socks and you just made it worse. I have the perfect yarn just sitting around!

I wanted to make some legwarmers too but our Target only has about 5 pairs and they are $5-6 a piece!! I'm not paying that, I'll check my Moms and see if I can find some of the $2 ones.

But speaking of Target in their bulk section (I've also heard baby) many stores have 2 packs of formula that have been clearanced!! I bought 3 2-packs yesterday at $16.37. Now that is some cheap formula!! Thought it may be helpful to you if your store has it.