05 January 2010

Some Mild Knitting

To help fulfill the urge to knit while balancing the fact that I lack the time and/or inclination to do elaborate projects, I have taken up knitting dishcloths. As it turns out it is a very pleasing habit and now, I have a kitchen drawer full of nice new cloths.


Alicen said...

I love these!! They are so cute. I would love to open up my drawer and have a bunch of these lying there, I think it would make the day a bit nicer! I know how you feel, since I knit slower than a snail I have rarely been knitting and instead been sewing small projects. Finally today I made their carseat/stroller blankets. I may have to try a dishcloth after I finish the 2 things already on the needles. I hope your doing well and are feeling better!