05 January 2010

Little Leg Warmers in Six Easy Steps

These are actually quite simple to make and only require one "line" of sewing. The pictures pretty much explain it all, but I will fill in the details too.

Supplies: Sewing machine, scissors, pins (if you are into that) and sets of knee socks.

I find the adult socks make good baby/toddler ones and the child-sized socks make good newborn/infant ones. I got mine at Target, on sale so a whopping $5 made 6 pairs of leg warmer when all was said and done.

Step 1. Cut your knee socks at three points. Once right before the heel "turns" to make a long top bit that will be the legwarmer and then two cuts to chop out the "straight" bit of the foot. This little tube will become the sewn on cuff.
Step 2. Turn the big tubes inside out in preparation to sew on the cuffs.
Step 3. Fold the little tubes onto themselves, right sides out, so they make cuffs. I am not sure how to better explain that, but make them look like the picture mmmmkay?
Step 4. Put the cuffs inside the big tubes with all the raw edged lined up. This is the bit where precision does matter, the better the edges are lined up, the neater the cuffs will be and the less likely you will be to "miss" some cuff and get holes. (Ask me how I know this...) I have heard of people using these items called pins, I am lazy and rarely use them, but they would be useful here.
Step 5. Carefully sew around the base of the legwarmer making sure to catch both layers of the cuff and the layer of the big tube. Here a serger would be ideal, but any basic overlock or zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine will do the trick. I used a medium to long width zig-zag with good results.

Step 6. Now just trim up the threads and turn that bad boy right side out. They should look like variations of these when completed.
The leg warmers are great under pants, in lieu of pants (especially when potty training), as arm warmers and, as I just found out, they work great for adults too. I used them with my capri work out pants to keep my legs warms until I got going, then they just scrunch down to your ankles when you get going and need to ventilate.

Enjoy and send pictures of what you all make plus any tips on where to find cute socks to use.


Alicen said...

I'm thinking I am going to have to make a dozen of these for Little Miss Popsicle!

Heidi Maxwell said...

OK. That was easier than I thought it would be. Thanks Lexi!

Friday we are hitting the sock section at Target. The girls just got a haul of babylegs for Xmas, but If I can add another dozen pairs for less than the cost of a single pair of Babylegs, I'm all over that. Plus, I know some mamas who are expecting and well - they will need baby leg warmers!!!

OT side note: the word verification for this post was horpot. And that made me laugh.

Alexis said...

"horpot" is hilarious! I agree that these would be great new baby gifts and well, I am gonna make a ton more for us. You can never have too many payer after all

PS Yeah it is super easy, I got my original pairs off etsy.com and when I looked at how they were made I was very much like "ohhhhh, that makes so much sense!"