03 November 2009

Campfire Hat

Made up my own pattern, drew the chart to approximate flames, did the color work, even used bobbins. I am considering going in with my Bernat Glow in the Dark Yarn, in yellow, and adding duplicate stitch details, but then again, maybe not. In a nut shell, it was a total pain the ass. The icing on the cake? the won't wear it for anything. Oh well, it fits me so maybe I just have a new hat. It is, however, my first project with my hand-dyed Cascade 200, so that is pretty cool.

Also cast on for my Fake Isle Hat. Pics of that soon! I am using the rest of the Cascade 220 in black featured above and a skein of Wisdom Yarn Poems, a nice Noro facsimile minus the skin crawling feeling and bits of hay.


About Ms. Weires said...

Its pretty awesome. I also wanted to let you know I have had success with Rit dye you can get in supermarkets and walmarts. We used it for tyedye and it was wonderful. I like the denim blue, and I have used brown, orange, red, and yellow. It also calls for salt- I think to set the dye. Possibly more messy, but worked well on t-shirt.

Alicen said...

Love this hat! Very similar to a flame hat I had the pattern for that I was going to use to make both kids one (you see how far I got with that!). Anywhoo very impressed with the fact you made your own chart...dyed your yarn...etc. I guess we are finding ways to not so patiently wait for little Lizzy to come. Miss you!