30 October 2009

Dye Experiment

Having some white Cascade 22o floating around while concurrently discovering a forgotten Easter egg kit in the toddlers art box, I decided to give dyeing some yarn a try.

I used the directions found here at WoolFestival.com and it was super easy. The supplies included the egg kit, some vinegar and assorted containers and spoons for mixing, soaking etc. (Sippy cup optional, but useful if, like me, your toddler has come on in to help. she really liked this project a LOT!) Here you can see the yarn doing a pre-soak in some cool water with a slosh of vinegar.

The nest step was to mix the dye according to the package directions. Here an interesting thing happened in that the red did not color the water. It all eventually dissolved but no red dye was created. Very odd, but thus, the yarn was to be blue and yellow.
Using my trusty Pyrex measuring cups I set up the yarn in a basic half-yellow, half-blue dye bath and did some wiggling during the process to try and get all the yarn in the middle bits covered.
The directions said that the yarn would be done when the wool had pulled all the colour out of the liquid. I was skeptical that this would happen, but as you can see, the water is clear and all the dye is now in the yarn.
Once rinsed I laid it out to dry and there you have it.

This is what it looks like all made up into a littl yarn cake. I am excited to see how it knits up. Granted there is not much of it, so I should probably weight it so I can puck an appropriate project...

Once the egg dye was successful, I decided to experiment a bit. I knit what was left of the white Cascade 220 into a "blank" then mixed up red, yellow and orange dye using the same basic method, but with food coloring in place of the egg dye. I then spooned it onto the blank and let it sit for a few hours.
This is the yarn rinsed, dried and wound into a cake.

The yarn came out quite nicely and since my toddler dubbed it "campfire" I am using it to do some color work along with Black Cascade 200 to make a Campfire Hat (A-C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song, it will help if you just sing along...). Pictures of that to follow soon.