14 October 2009

Baby Crafts...For The Most Part

As luck would have it, I am not dead, just slacking on posting here for a bit. Despite my absence crafting is getting done. These photos will highlight some of my work and the work of many other talented crafters. So many lovely items have recently graced my home in preparation for the new baby I just had to share them.

These are my black and grey tube socks. Best sleeping socks ever!
I call these my Pumpkin Patch Socks. They rock.

These are the mittens I am making for my 2.5 year old who has already expressed that she likes them, but may not want to wear them. and so it begins already...

BB (My Mum) arrived with many lovely things in tow. This quilt is in a cupcake theme and matches the bassinet.

Also by BB: a Sock Monkey Stroller Quilt.
BB's cabled baby blanket.
Fabulous star blanket crocheted by fellow crafter Peg (That's Queen Bee to you madame!)
Also by Peg, teal baby blanket with adorable hood.
BB created these fabulous bibs and burp cloths. This baby will be so trendy!
Watermelon Hat!
And last, but certainly not least, fabulous shoes made by my girlfriend Alicen, Overachiever alert!