08 September 2009

Surely We Can Make These?

These are Ugg booties for infants, You can buy them here. While $10 might not be a bad price for them, I really feel like we can make these with relative ease.

I think I will try Bev's Very Easy Baby Booties and then add craft leather, or even felt, soles. Plus then I can pick the colors since the colors Ugg used are pretty insipid considering they are "designer" shoes retailing at $50 a pair.

I will hopefully have a prototype soon.


Alicen said...

If you do figure it out, I would love a pair for Miss Emma's winter wardrobe!! That is once you make little Lizzy a pair first.

Alexis said...

For sure. The only tricky bit, I imagine, is doing the soles, but I think I have a plan for those...