13 September 2009

Recent Projects

In honor of Friday's National Day of Service I promised myself I would get off my butt and work on my infant/preemie hats for Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's NICU. I set a goal of adding ten hats to the pile and actually managed to do it in two days. With the ones I had made previously that brings my grand total to 20 hats. I hope to drop them off next week when I head in for an OB appointment.

I also finished up a shortie little cardigan, or maybe shrug, for the toddler. Using the Confection Baby Shrug pattern and adding two bits for front panels I was able to make a cardigan pattern that required no seaming at all. I also now see how, if I had thought it out just a bit more, I could have added the borders as I worked so as to eliminate most of the need to pick up stitches. More testing of this theory is clearly required. Good thing I know lots of babies to wear all these prototypes.