07 September 2009

Pinwheel Blanket #2

I finally had to crack and "pack up" the yarn so the studio can start morphing into a nursery-type room. I managed to get all the yarn, needles and notions into nine of these little Sterilite bins, so now it is all contained on one shelf.

I finished the second pinwheel blanket and it looks quite nice. I used yarn to match our new double stroller so I am pretty jazzed to debut the set in November.

I am making some progress on finishing the second black sock, though another project has captured my attention. Thanks to making a bunch of shrugs for the toddler, I am pretty sure I have figured out a super-easy cardigan that will require no seaming. I am also now realizing that had I planned better I could have greatly reduced the picking up of stitches too, but I guess the pattern is still in the R&D phases.