07 August 2009

Finally, Some Progress

After the initial success of the skirts, crafting ground to a bit of a halt as we dealt with carpet cleaners, car repairs and real life. Today I got back to my machine and made this little number. I used a slightly different technique since this skirt is made of two fat quarters. It is also a bit longer than the others since I added a contrasting band for the elastic, but did not shorted the top panel. Note for next time.

Also in the works are this pair of socks and another spiral baby blanket. The socks are just tube socks, as inspired by my Mum and Sister who have decided that heels may not be worth the hype. Since I plan to wear mine under Crocs and Birkies for the winter, this design will work just fine. Sadly, this may be the last winter I can get away with it, since we may be back up north within a year, so I better get cranking on hand-knit socks to show off.

Here is the start of the second spiral baby blanket. This one matches the new double stroller. Since things are moving along much faster with chunky yarn and size 10.5 US needles, and I have a HUGE ball of this stuff, I may even be able to make two matching ones so the girls can snuggle up with thier own all winter.


abdpbt said...

I am so jealous of your talents with this stuff. I would love to learn to sew, in particular, but am too lazy to get started, it seems.

Alexis said...

Thanks Anna, for what it is worth I never sew anything more than straight lines! Thankfully enough straight lines and you can make almost anything.