21 July 2009

Pictures of Mythical Sewing

This is what will be the first in a series of many ruffled skirts to make up my daughter's fall wardrobe. This one has a sort of Halloween feeling about it, but I will use it all season anyway. I also plan to do some appliques on T-shirts in the same fabrics so as to make easy outfits for her to dress in.

This is a scrappy quilt top. I just cut 4x4 squares of all my scrap fabric, sewed them up at random and bordered it. it is pretty hideous as a quilt, but as a fancy play mat, it will thrill the new little one I am sure.

After realizing that new car-seat strap covers are 10 bucks at the dreaded baby store, I decided that two squares with Velcro were not out of my skill set. Behold, with just scrap fabric, four inches of Velcro and half an hour of my time: custom strap covers!

Last, but not least, here are the remedied curtains. I added a ruffle to each end in coordinating fabric. Now they fit the windows and my neuroses can be put to rest.


Alicen said...

Very cute!! Once I get back into the crafting realm little Emma is going to have quite a few skirts as well. Funny your making Charlie some because I was going to make her one too! Guess I won't now... I'll think of something else. I have a box you will be getting at some point, I'm shooting for BEFORE the new little one arrives, LOL!