10 July 2009

Leg Warmers

Realizing that my daughter's current collection of outgrown tights would not be very useful as tights for our new little girl; on the way, I decided to re purpose them as leg warmers. It was super easy, required none of that pesky measuring, pinning or pattern following. These three pairs are now ready and waiting for new baby.

This set was them made to replace some that the toddler has outgrown. This set is made of a three pack of knee socks. The socks were purchased on major clearance at Target for $1.78 for three. You can't beat that for a deal.

Coming soon, a simple tutorial on how to make a ring sling baby carrier for under 15 bucks!


Heidi Maxwell said...

Tutorial on the leg warmers please!! Apparently, having a dozen pair of Baby Legs is not enough when the number of legs has doubled!!

And leg warmers are an essential wardrobe piece out here in the land of ice and snow.

Loves, Heidi