10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I was not expecting a gift for said holiday. Not because DH is a slacker, but because I figured him waiting on me hand and foot every waking minute that he is home from work so as to accommodate my "morning" sickness was more than enough of an ode to my fabulousness. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my swift arrived. That's right, a swift to go with my ball winder. Granted it may have been a cunning ploy since I have been begging him to help me wind a skein of yarn roughlythe size of a Volvo for several weeks now, but I am thrilled none the less. Here it is in action.....LOVE IT! I really appreciate that I am married to someone who gets that my hobbies are important and he is therefore willing to step outside his area of expertise just to surprise me. Now of only he were actually made of yarn.....

Ye,s you are seeing it set up amongst a million XBox parts, markers, paper, kids books and animal cracker crumbs, but hey, this is my life folks. Gotta love every minute of it!