05 April 2009

Flash Your Stash

This was supposed to happen on April 1st, but anyway..... There is a great thread on Ravelry about it with lots of drool-worthy pictures. I am often jealous, not only of the yarn, but of the fabulous storage methods so many people have. With a toddler and a baby on the way, I am many years away from the "yarn on display like art" method, but a girl can dream after all.

So here it be. My stash. Not huge, but decently sized, certainly more yarn than I can knit in a year or two. A little bit of everything in there. All yarns, from "cheap" acrylic to "sooper excloosive" hand painted ones, have their place for various projects. You can also see a picture of the yarn back in the baskets and put on the shelf. To put my whole crafting obsession in perspective, right now this shelving unit contains yarn, scrap-booking and beads. Cross-stitch supplies are in our storage unit, painting and fabric are in the laundry closet in several diaper boxes above our appliances. This sort of "hiding" is needed to keep it all under control, allow guests a path to the bed if they decide to sleep here and, of course, to allow room for that room to double (or triple depending on how you look at it) as a nursery for the new bundle. Next move, which will be before we know it thanks to the Navy, we need a few extra rooms for all this stuff!