10 March 2009


I have no pictures to share, but I am chugging along on two pairs of socks right now. One is the partner to my rainbow mock-cabled one, and the other is the first half of my first tow-up sock.

What is really on the horizon is sewing. I have several quilting projects i want to do, but of course, just packed up the fabric so as to stream-line the craft room. Since I had not sewn in a while, i put the fabric and notions in bins and stored them in our laundry closet. Looks like I need to consolidate the yarn and bring the sewing machine back out!

Mostly I am excited to start making some summer items for my daughter's warm-weather wardrobe. (Don't you just love alliteration? I do.) The Ungrateful One was enamored by some simple skirts she spotted at Target in some fun springy colors. I am looking at them and really thinking I can generate good copies with some ease. You can see them all here. It looks like I can just make tubes of three strips them gather the waist band. I may even make them narrower at the top to get that nice flare and twirl effect, but given she is only 33 inches tall, that may be more work than is needed for the same basic result. hopefully prototypes and patterns to follow.