22 March 2009

Horrid/Wonderful Baby Vest

I was in the mood to knit something little and cute, so I made a baby sweater vest. I figured hey, make it in newborn size, I know lots of people who are having babies, someone will use it. Well, it definitely made the top ten list of cursed projects. I followed the pattern to the letter, hells bells I even got gauge! Somehow, despite all my care and effort, it is HUGE! I would say much more like six month sized than newborn. Since it was such a fight from start to finish, I can't even look at the thing. I am adding it to my donate pile. I am starting a running pile of baby items that I can send off to charities as they come to my attention. The next time one crosses my path, they will get this perfectly soft, lovely and functional sweater vest that, for some reason, I cannot stand. I will just consider it to be part of the Karmic Cycle.