09 February 2009

Tawashi Love and a Give-Away Too!

So I am beyond obsesses with making these Tawashi scrubbers. They are wonderful for so many reasons....oh let me count the ways:

1. They are easy. Even I, of little crochet skill, was able to make them up, using my own pattern (coming soon to a Full Of Knit blog near you) and produce them at almost factory-like speeds.

2. They use cheap yarn. All that not so great acrylic (vs. all my really great acrylic, and yes it does exist) that seems to breed in your stash can be used up on this project.

3. They are eco-friendly. No more sponges/paper towels etc here my friend.

4. They are hygienic. Um yeah, in case you don't know, I am kind of anti-germ. These can be used as much as one deems appropriate then BAM! into the washer they go and they are clean and germ free for the next time around.

5. They are adorable. They have a nice uniform shape and size, they look so cute all stacked up in my cabinet.

6. They scrub like a you-know-what! I am not great in the kitchen so my Cuisinart Pans see some real action when it comes to cemented on food. These scrubbers get them clean and shiny with no need for soap. I use soap, what with the germs and all, but you wouldn't have to. Also great on counters, stoves, walls, baseboards, bathtubs....the list is endless.

7. The concept is multi-purpose. Acrylic ones are great for cleaning, but they can be made of anything. Cotton ones for face cloths, novelty yarn ones for coasters or embellishments, you get the idea.

8. They can be fancy. I make circles, but hundreds of patterns are out there for ones in all shapes, sizes and levels of skill. Just Google "tawashi pattern" and you will see what I mean.

9. They provide a fun pun. "I am going Tawashi the dishes now." Oh man, that is hilarious!

And last but not least:
10. You can win a set here. That's right: SHAMELESS GIVE-AWAY TIME!

Since this blog will be one year old on Wednesday, I am doing a little give-away. All you have to do is comment here. The contest closes at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, February 11th. I will randomly pick a winner and that lucky person will get this set of three Tawashis. You can leave an e-mail in the comment, or just be sure to check back and see if you won so you can e-mail me with the details. Either way is cool. I know only like 6 people even read this so it should be easy enough.

They are made with glittery blue acrylic yarn. These will scrub like nothing else, but man, you will look totally glamorous doing it!

Anyway, that concludes another Listless Monday, brought to you by abdpbt.com. Comment away for a chance to win.


abdpbt said...

These are very cool--great idea. I would worry that they wouldn't scrub very well, but sounds like I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a little suspicious of the the cleaning power but if it cuts down on the number of sponges I use for the dishes, yeah environment!

Speaking of crochet, I have no talent. But my sister is the queen of crochet. Check out what she made for my little bundle. http://crazylovescompany.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/wordless-wednesday/

Alexis said...

I agree, I was not so sure about the scrubby-ness of them, but my shiny clean bath-tub made me a believer.
@ crazylovescompany
Your sister is a genius, I have never truly mastered crochet and I am in awe of people who have.

Martha's Blog said...

I have "Tawashi Fever" and found your web page with Google. I want to give these for Christmas gifts to friends.

I have a web page and you will see tawashis on it later this year. I purchased a book today and can hardly wait to start some of the patterns.


Martha's Blog said...

martha's email: martha4072@msn.com

Martha's Blog said...

martha's email: martha4072@msn.com