27 January 2009

Some Holiday Pics...At Long Last

Though I am still holding onto a few X-mas gifts, I can post about one item I made. Unfortunately the reason I can do so is because they must be counted as a total failure. I made three sets of these:

They are coasters made of bathroom tiles, cool scrap booking paper and modge podge. Adorable right? Well, without naming names here, the direction I got of the trusty interwebz said something to the effect of "no worries, modge podge totally dries into a varnish like finish and will be fine for this project." That's not really how it worked out....at all. The modge podge, despite the tiles being left for upwards of two week to dry, after giving the tiles 5 separate, thin coats that were each given two days to dry, of course, did not really dry. In fact the fourth set I made, but did not finish is now fused into one solid four tile lump that I cannot separate. Additionally testing in the real world of my MIL's set indicate that as soon as a drink is placed on said coasters, the varnish melts clean away leaving a nice lumpy surface, and ruined paper. Awesome!

File this project under: time-consuming, labor-intensive and unsuccesful. A true crafting disaster.

PS To those who did receive these ill conceived gifts already, call if you want a replacement. I have a pattern for some fabulous fingerless handwarmers to make it up to you.


Heather said...

Hi there! Heather from The Gift Closet here! Well, I thought the picture looked really cute...and sounded easy...but glad I read the rest of the post! Oh well...it's the thought that counts, right? ;)


Alicen said...

I did notice that but still use them so I wasn't going to worry you with it. They are super cute, maybe next time try some clear sealant spray paint. May yield a better result. They are too cute to totally give up on so we'll have to ponder a new solution. Don't feel too bad, I too have had a ModgePodge disaster in my lifetime. It's like it gets gummy if it gets hot at all. Anyway no worries, I still appreciate them!